1. NATURAL Pain Management
    We offer the best in NATURAL pain management programs (With PROVEN RESULTS)! One of our practitioners who was diagnosed with many painful, debilitating "ailments" is on NO prescription painkillers or meds. We believe in treating the person, body, mind & spirit, empowering them through a healing process. of the temple. We offer NATURAL PAIN MANAGEMENT therapies, (COVERED by FSA, HSA & most insurance) which include, whole body vibration, infrared sauna therapy, inversion therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, foot baths, reflexology, body work, essential oils, NATURAL supplements, mindfulness, self-talk, cleansing & rebuilding of the gut(immune system), the temple & MORE!
  2. Nutrition Counseling & Menu Planning
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  3. NATURAL Weight Management
    A lot of companies can sell you weight loss programs, training packages, protein powders, boxed food plans, DVD's, pills, potions, lotions & meal plans & promise you results. We are COVERED BY INSURANCE & have PROVEN RESULTS! We HAVE the track record, knowledge & practical application to help you achieve your goals & MAINTAIN them, whatever they may be......over 20 years of experience.
  4. Corporate Wellness
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  5. Infrared Sauna Therapy
    Do you know we ALL give off infrared energy? All living things give off infrared energy, the SUN is our largest source of infrared energy. Relieve pain, burn calories, increase white blood cell count, improve immune system, lower blood pressure, detox, cleanse, relax & MORE!
  6. Kitchen Make-Overs
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