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Natural weight & pain management
client after 2 weeks on program 

“I get more pain relief in 5 minutes on the WBV then a hour of massage.”  ~ Bob,  WBV Client & Double Stroke Survivor

  ​"I have a renewed energy, I feel like I could go out & run a marathon."  ~ Detox Client  

   After years of lymphedema, 15lbs released in 20 days! Holly is thorough & looks at all aspects of your life from medical issues, emotional, to your internal spirit. Before meeting her I tried EVERYTHING & for the first time have seen the most fast, affordable, healthy results I have ever seen. Her coaching is amazing and she gives you step by step instructions with options and designs it to each individual. I have also taken what I learned so far to my family and I can't wait to learn more!!! Thank you Holly! You are a  blessing in my life!! ~  Gina, a Natural Weight & Pain Management Client
"Holly (the owner) is an incredible person. She is knowledgeable & compassionate. She truly cares about over all health, NOT just weight loss. She truly has a gift & I totally recommend her program to anyone- ESPECIALLY if you are a to-be bride! I lost nearly 45 pounds in 3 months right before my wedding. I love reBorn Wellness!!"  ~ Kelry, a Client   

"I am so happy that I found Holly and reBorn Wellness! She taught me so much about what to put into my body! I have dropped 3 dress sizes in 3 months! I will forever be grateful to Holly for all that she has taught me! I would recommend reBorn to anyone who is looking to release weight. Thank you, Holly!"
~ Myesha, Natural Weight Management Client

  "After just a week, I feel energized, my joint aches are gone & I have clarity of mind & thought. I haven't felt this good since I was in my 20's." 
~ Natural Cleanse/Detox Client